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New Release: Zeb “Zebstep”


Buy direct - https://wonderwheelrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/zebstep

Preview on Soundcloud - http://soundcloud.com/wonderwheel-recordings/sets/zeb-zebstep

In the heyday of Dubstep taking over America, Zeb decided to make his own version of steppers dub & wobbly bass that had more Soul, Dub & World influence rather than edgy techy vibes. Here you have the missing tapes of “ZEBSTEP” by ZEB aka The Spy from Cairo who has had over 5 studio albums to date as well as remixes for hundreds of artists including Bob Marley, Billy Holiday, Tosca, Nickodemus & Quantic, Mr Scruff, Bet.E & Stef, See-I & many more.

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New EP! Nickodemus feat BAM (Jungle Bros) & The Real Live Show – Back In The Days

Wonderwheel Recordings is pleased to present Back In The Days, the first taste of the brand new Nickodemus album coming in 2014. Touring and collaborating with musicians all over the world since 1996, Nickodemus is continuing his impressive streak. Recently when Joyce Muniz introduced Nickodemus to NY hip-hop artist Baby Bam (The Jungle Brothers) at a festival in Sicily, the two had more in common then they could have ever imagined. One of Nickodemus’ biggest musical influences has been the Native Tongue Movement of the ’90s, so they already spoke the same language and knew they had to work together. The Real Live Show, the barrier-breaking duo of Stimulus and Malik Work, have collaborated on several past songs with Nickodemus including “Give the Drummer Some,” “Sun Children,” “Gimme the Music,” “Moon People,” and more.

“Back In The Days” is the meeting of these minds, all quick to the concept of going back to their NYC roots. BAM takes listeners to the ’80s while Stimulus and Malik Work aim for the ’90s. The song hits hard with a hip-hop (read: electro-funk) groove meets acid house style and tempo. Nickodemus goes solo on “The 303 Scenario” which does what it says on the tin, developing into a thick but fun acid track. Both of these songs and the alternate Hip House version of “Back In The Days” would work over any dancehall.

Purchase the 12″, digital or T-Shirt at: http://wonderwheelrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/back-in-the-days

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Alsarah & The Nubatones – Silt out NOW!

Wonderwheel Recordings is proud to present the debut album, Silt, from Sudanese singer Alsarah and her band the Nubatones. Called “The New Star Of Nubian Pop” by The Guardian, the album was produced solely by Alsarah who describes the sound of Silt as “East African Retro Pop” – it’s music that harkens back to the hazy sounds of 1960s and 70s Nubian music with it’s Eastern instrumentation, soaring vocal melodies, and pentatonic arrangements.

The album has it’s musical roots in the Nubian “Songs of Return” that began to spring up after mass displacement and resettlement of hundreds of thousands in a region of lower Nubia that went under water after Egypt built Aswan High Dam to control the flooding of the Nile in 1970. The focus of these songs, both thematically and lyrically is about a return to home and the beauty of home and embodies a certain kind of saudade – a nostalgic longing for a place that no longer exists. The album encompasses Alsarah and her band’s musical curiosities in the concept of migration and Silt is their take on this mixed with the musical fusion happening in 1970s Khartoum, along with Arabic and North African influences appearing in the mix.

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Out Now: Alsarah & The Nubatones “Soukura EP” (Boddhi Satva, Nickodemus & Spy From Cairo Remixes)


Wonderwheel Recordings is proud to present the debut EP & a  remix 12″ for new signingAlsarah & The Nubatones. Called “The New Star Of Nubian Pop” by The Guardian, the album was produced solely by Alsarah who describes the sound of Silt as “East African Retro Pop” – it’s music that harkens back to the hazy sounds of 1960s and 70s Nubian music with its Eastern instrumentation, soaring vocal melodies, and pentatonic arrangements.

The original song “Soukura” is a small taste of her upcoming album Silt (out on 3/11) and gets a signature deep and entrancing Ancestral Soul remix by African house legend Boddhi Satva . Perennial Wonderwheel favorite The Spy From Cairo gives “Nuba Noutou” a dubby dancehall re-rub, and label head Nickodemus takes “Rennat” into late night house territory with his remix, letting only the slightest of vocals come through and build tension until the final moments of the tune.

Preview & Purchase the digital or 12″ on our Bandcamp


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Introducing Alsarah & The Nubatones



Wonderwheel Recordings is proud to announce new signing Alsarah & The Nubatones. Called “The New Star Of Nubian Pop” by The Guardian, Alsarah, is a Sudanese born singer, songwriter and ethnomusicologist. Born in the capital city of Khartoum, where she spent the first 8 years of her life, she relocated to Taez, Yemen with her family to escape the ever stifling regime in her native country. She abruptly moved to the US in 1994, when a brief civil war broke out in Yemen. Now residing in Brooklyn, NY, she is a self-proclaimed practitioner of East-African retro-pop. Working on various projects, she most recently has been working with The Nile Project and was featured on their debut release, Aswan  (named 1 of the Top 5 “Must Hear” international albums by NPR). She has also collaborated with French producer Débruit on the album Aljwal, released this past November via Soundway Records UK.

The Nubatones started out as dinner conversation between Alsarah and percussionist Rami El Aasser in his living room, digging thru archives of old music from North Africa, and reading about migration patterns in modern day Nubia, Soon the conversation opened into a musical one and spread to include master Oud player and Luthier Haig Manoukian and bass player Mawuena Kodjovi. With a collective love for pentatonic music and a common understanding of what it means to be an immigrant, the group went on to perform both nationally and internationally at prestigious venues such as The Kennedy Center, The Apollo Music Cafe, Celebrate Brooklyn at Prospect Park, The World Music festival in Chicago, and the Festival du Mond Arab in Montreal just to name a few.

The new album “Silt” will be released March 11th on LP, CD, Cassette, and Digital. Pre-order your copy HERE (and get an instant download of select tracks!)

The “Soukura” EP with remixes from Boddhi Satva, Nickodemus and the Spy From Cairo will drop digitally and on 12″ vinyl on Feb. 25th.

Preview a song from the album below!


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Nickodemus feat. Carol C’s “Cleopatra In New York” (Zim Zam Mix) in the new Spike Jonze movie “Her”



We’re proud to announce that we’ve placed Nickodemus & Carol C’s classic “Cleopatra in New York” (Zim Zam Mix)  in the brand new & brilliant film “Her” from acclaimed director Spike Jonze – keep your ears open for it in the bar scene, and stream the track below!



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WONDERWHEEL Recordings 10 Year Time Capsule



“We Begin with a Spin!”  


In the late 80′s, my father would take me to work in Coney Island during the Summer. I have vivid memories of riding the Wonderwheel (Swinging car), and then break-dancing on the boardwalk to Hip Hop, Freestyle & House. As the story of dancing, DJ’ing, throwing parties & making beats unfolds into the late 90′s, we needed a way to release the new music coming out of our little music scene.  finally decided to get our music in one place. In 2013, we have released about 55 single/EP’s as well as 20 albums & compilations combined. Our music has been placed in several movies & commercials over the years as well.   The label was & will always be inspired by our diverse music taste, friends and dance-floors Worldwide! Thank you for your support & get ready for a whole new batch of colorful sounds in 2014!!  


Wonderwheel Recordings 10 Year Time Capsule a w/ a few words from Nickodemus on each song.




DJ Angola feat Ico Manzanero  -”Bailao” (Quantic Mix)

After meeting DJ Angola & Quantic at a club called APT in NYC, our 1st single was born featuring Ico Manzanero (Larry Harlow Orchestra) & Neil Sugarman (The Dapkings).

Purchase full release on Junodownload

Nickodemus - Endangered Species album

“Funky in the Middle” was possibly our 1st video & it really captures the spirit of the sound & parties at the time from Turntables on the Hudson @ The Frying Pan to Coney Island Love on the boardwalk… representing Endangered Species in our changing environments & lives from 2004 on.

Purchase full release on Junodownload

Zeb - Stop The Earth, I Want To Get Off album

There’s simply no one like Zeb in this World. “Revolutionary Dreams” is one of many songs that captures his love for dub, afrobeat & music. The entire album is heavy in North & West Africa as well as the Middle East. All done in a  gypsy dub style Zeb has been known for in his 20+ year career in music.

Purchase full release on Junodownload

The Pimps of Joytime - High Steppin album

When thinking of how I met Brian J & getting to know him, the song “Street Sound” says it all. This was the 1st of 3 records from a group I saw take it from the streets & small bars to  concert stadiums & music halls across the country… Hi Steppin the whole time with S.O.U.L!

Purchase full release on Junodownload

Turntables on the Hudson - 10 Year Anniversary 1998-2008 album

One of the most played tracks at the TOTH party that year came from Barcelona’s local heroes “La Troba Kung-fu” with an exclusive remix by engineer Toti & DJ Andyloop. This song simply makes people smile & move on the dance-floor!

Purchase full release on Junodownload

Nickodemus - Sun People album

“Sun Children” features the uplifting lyrical talents of The Real Live Show. This is the theme for the Sun People album… rising up, getting out of darkness & getting some healthy vitamin D!

Purchase full release on Junodownload

The Spy from Cairo - Arabadub album

When electronic dub producer Zeb picks up the Oud, we have a unique sound called ARABADUB! From Jamaica to Cairo & back, here’s the song “Alladin Dub.” 

Purchase full release on Junodownload

Quantic & Nickodemus feat Hector “Tempo” Alomar – “Mi Swing es Tropical” Zeb Remix

“Mi Swing es Tropical” applies to many places in the World. It started in Dan Juan Puerto Rico back in 2004, became an underground DJ & club classic & eventually an ipod advert! Here we have Zeb bringing in the Jamaican reggae vibes. KEEP SWINGING!

Purchase full release on Junodownload

Sid Vaga – Brazuca 12″

Sid Vaga’s “Brazuca”  represents the roots of our sound in global dance-club music. It’s a special feeling to see someone who’s been on the dance-floor with us since 1998, to the turntables & then making music like this 10 years later!

Purchase full release on Junodownload

Novalima –  Karimba Diabolic Remixes album

I’ve been a fan & now friends with this special band from Lima, Novalima for many years. Here’s a Jeremy Sole remix of one of our favorite tracks, “MACACO” from their last album “Karimba Remixes.” The entire remix album is aimed straight at the dance-floor w/ mixes from Seiji, Rob Garza, Sabo, Pleasuremaker & many more!

Purchase full release on Junodownload

Tremor – Proa album

Our latest signing from Buenos Aires is a very interesting band called TREMOR! Here’s one of my favorites from the album, “Lanza.”

Purchase full release on Junodownload


Download full album


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UPCOMING! December = 10 Years of Wonderwheel!

This December we celebrate 10 years of Wonderwheel Recordings w/ the Wonderwheel Time Capsule Photos, record covers & releases + free mixes & tune giveaways each week into January. Sign up for our mailing list below to get in on the Time Capsule!

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The Real Live Show feat. Sadat X – “Grind” out NOW!

Out NOW!

GRIND! If anyone knows about grinding out a days work, it’s MC’s Stimulus & Malik Work (of the group The Real Live Show) & Sadat X (of the group Brand Nubian)!

“If ever a group lived up to their name, it’s The Real Live Show. With a distinguished palette of players backing them, New York City purebred MCs Stimulus and Dionysos( now Malik Work) paint a pitch-perfect portrait of hip-hop’s spirit. Check the album, check the video, but the real-deal hip-hop experience is seeing them live.” – Village Voice

Follow Sadat X’s twitter account, you also know this guy is putting in WORK! From the oldschool days of one of Hip Hop’s most notable 90′s group Brand Nubian, to being featured on 100′s of Hip Hop tracks in just the past few years alone, Sadat X’s unique voice & flow has been featured on records from Diamond D, Pete Rock, Prince Paul, A Tribe Called Quest, Tony Touch & many more. Not to mention the endless amounts of stages he’s rocked during the past 20+ years in the business!

As the 2nd track Nickodemus, The Real Live Show & Sadat X have collaborated on (see “A NEW YORK MINUTE”), Sadat X lays in the hook for “Grind” & sets the tone in the middle of a hurting economy & another pending War in the Middle East by stating, “Me? I don’t want no War, I’m tryna pay bills without sleeping on the floor…” Stimulus & Malik Work continue on with their daily grinds working for self in the music business as MC’s, DJ’s, promoters etc… Everyone’s grind is relative, but these 3 MC’s are always on the Grind in NYC & all across the World! @WWW.NickodemusNYC

Press track 2 & we have a very funky mid 90′s bounce on the FREQNIK & WDRE Remix. These two Long Island DJ, producer, record diggers have been in the game since the early 90′s! Now with their own productions & bootleg remixes gaining big fame on the scene, they went from dropping beats over classics to working with Lil Dap (Group Home) & now their 1st official remix. Watch out in 2014 for much more from this crate diggin duo! @SoundCloud.com/dj-freqnik

Flip to track 3 & we have NYC producer J.Bless going deep into some off-kilter sitar jazz groove while Stimulus lays in some extra bonus chorus & outro vibes.

*From the forthcoming 2014 album “ABOUT FACE” by The Real Live Show


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Brooklyn Gypsies – Fafisa Digi-Single out NOW!

New Wonderwheel signing Brooklyn Gypsies debut their first track “Fafisa” – utilizing traditional Eastern European elements, gritty, beautiful female vocals and dubstep inspired electronic elements. Wonderwheel mainstay Zeb remixes “Fafisa” into a beautiful, spacey dancehall reggae inspired version.

Purchase on iTunes. 

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