Alsarah & the Nubatones

Alsarah & the Nubatones

Alsarah & the Nubatones were born out of many dinner conversations between alsarahand rami el aasser about nubian ‘songs of return’, modern migration patternsand the cultural exchanges between sudanand egypt. A common love for the richness of pentatonic sounds,and shared migration experiences, expanded the conversation to include armenian – american oud player haig manouki- anand french born togo raised bass player mawuena kodjovi. Under the leadership of alsarah, the brooklyn based group’s sound grew into what they have dubbed as ‘east – african retro-pop’.

In march of 2014 the group released their debut album “silt / طمي “ via wonderwheel recordings to in- ternational acclaimand great reviews, with the single soukura (it’s late) debuting on spin magazine’s blog. October of the same year saw the release of “silt remixed” featuring remixes by bodhisattva, nickodemus, captain planet, chancha via circuito,and many others. It also went on to be selected by the prestigious fact magazine as one of the best remix albums of 2014.

Unfortunately that year also marked the passing of founding member haig manoukian from this world into the next. Taking his place is the brilliant oudist,and former student of hiag, brandon terzic. In addition we have also grown to include the charismaticand talented vocalist nahid as a full time member of the band now.

Since their first show in october of 2011, the group has performed nationallyand internationally at many prestigious festivalsand venues. With aduiences varying in ageand ethnicity, the nubatones has proven overand over that soul crosses all culturaland linguistic barriers.

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