Rodrigo Gallardo & Nicola Cruz

Rodrigo Gallardo & Nicola Cruz

El Origen is a collaborative project between Chile’s Rodrigo Gallano (Matanza)and Nicola Cruz (ZZK) exploring the folkloric musical traditions of South America. The A side is comprised of original compositions written, playedand sung by Rodrigo while Nicola Cruz remixes all the tracks on the B side, giving the sons his signature deep electronic vibe. The EP will be out on a special limited edition 12 with art composed by renown street artist Ju Mu Monster.

Rodrigo Gallardo begins his journey in the melodies from a boy accompanied by the charangoand the zampoña, passing through many musical trails he comes to form “Matanza”, in these years he develops a sound in his compositions loaded with influences of the folkloreand electronic music, as well as of the new Chilean song of the hand of the message of struggle.In “El Origen” Rodrigo brings to the table the importance of returning to our rootsand of respectingand defending our landand our waters from the dark hands of progress, with rhythmsand sounds Ancestral as a flag.

Nicola Cruz is an electronic producer, musicianand DJ. Born in France to proud South American descent, he currently livesand works in Quito, Ecuador, in the heart of the Andes mountains. Nicola started his career as a percussionist, thanks to which he developed an early interest in electronic music. His work draws from a broad variety of sources, in particular a deep passion for the Andean landscapes, their cultures, ritualsand rhythms. Because of this, his music radiates an intimate understanding of nature, from the organic exuberance of his sound to the soft cadence of his songs. In this mix a delicate balance between forces always prevails: his music is deeply rhythmic without losing the melody,and even though it is formed in collaboration with artists from different timesand spaces, it remains personaland intimate.

From this musical connection between pastand present, traditionaland modern, an ongoing South American movement has arisen, exploring local indigenousand afro cosmologies through a carefully crafted analogue sound.

In 2015 ‘Prender el Alma’, Nicola’s first LP, will be released. With it he hopes to consolidate years of sonic exploration, a journey which goes beyond just making music.


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