DIGITAL AFRIKA is pushing the frontiers of dance floor orientated Afro House. Their 2018 debut vinyl EP ‘Dark Matter’ is the productive powers of Future Rootsand Si Fixion. Incorporating live instrumentation, MPC sequencers, African percussionand Digital/Analog production, Digital Afrika has met with critical acclaim from international taste makers; Nickodemus, Giles Petersonand Carl Cox.

The EP kicks off with “Babalú Ayé” which is a heavy house groove & jazzy synths with traditional Yoruban vocals in honor of Babalú-ayé (the Father of the Earth) who deals with infectious diseaseand healing. Inspired by Miriam Makeba’s song “Ungakanani,” “Mozambique” starts with South African vocalist Thando & gets the full percussive house treatment. Next up is “Dark Matter” which switches up the beats to a more UK broken beat & bass style, keeping it deep. Rounding off the EP, “Brazilian Blend” is reminiscent of the good old acid jazz days with a bossa beat, muted trumpet & lush keys.