Yeahman’s New Single “Sakoneta” is OUT NOW

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“Sakoneta” is the new single from multi-instrumentalist Jean Dasso, better known as Yeahman. “Sakoneta” is an evocativeand transporting fusion of the folkand electronic influences that define Yeahman’s signature downtempo sound. A fluttering of guitarsand spacey synthesizers driftand coalesce into a ruminativeand soothing sonic journey. Ultimately, “Sakoneta” provides comforting warmthand pause for reflection as the end of a chaotic year draws near.

Yeahman promotes the breaking down of barriers in electronicand world music. His live sets combine his own productionsand various fine selections, drawing influence from every continent with global bass-downtempo stylings providing a common denominator.

Powered by the international success of his single “Miniyamba” (Shika Shika, 2019), his career is now taking him to another level. In Spring 2017 on Brazilian avant-garde label Frente Bolivarista he released “Transborda”. His first self-produced EP, “Transborda” was a mission statement that deployed traditional folk influencesand his own vision of dreamyand powerful electronic music. Here he shaped his identity, based on ethnicaland popular music, studded with new tropical sounds,and pierced by intense electronic vibrations.

Apart from his lifestyle as an artist, Yeahman is also a cultural activist in his hometown of Toulouse, France. He foundedand now curates the “Ghetto Sonido” events, associating live bandsand DJ sets. He also programs the World Music Festival “Rio Loco”,and is involved in several humanitarian initiatives, against climate change (Extinction Rebellion, Earth Night)and human rights (Autonomie) among others.